I recently told a friend that I never imagined needing to use my mindful methods ten times a day or more, but that is where I find myself. And the silver lining of this extreme testing is that it works! If you need a quick reference to remind you which mindful methods are available to you any time, any day, let this blog be it.

Here are ten mindful methods for staying calm amidst chaos:


Practice meditating. Download the Insight Timer app and pick a meditation to do every day. Pick one that fits into your schedule.


Ground yourself by using the soles of your feet or your here-and-now stone.


Practice mindfulness while brushing your teeth.


Practice mindful eating.


Practice mindful walking.


Practice taking in the good.


Practice letting music help you be in the moment. Make a playlist of songs that move you.


Practice calling yourself “sweetheart” or another term of endearment.


Practice Loving Kindness Meditation for yourself and others.

Pick a favorite mindfulness technique and do it. Honestly, I think if you only learn two — the Loving Kindness Meditation and the Sending-Receiving Meditation — those alone can change your life.

Please share your thoughts. . .