You probably have mindful moments on and off throughout your day. Those count!

Pat yourself on the back for those moments.

Here are some examples of seemingly mundane daily routines that provide wonderful opportunities to practice mindfulness. When we do this, we train our brain to become more able to drop into mindfulness during more stressful situations.

Brushing Your Teeth:
For me, brushing my teeth is a great mindfulness exercise. It’s something I do twice every day, and now I consciously brush my teeth mindfully. I close my eyes to limit visual distractions which makes it easier for me to think only about the feel of the brush on my teeth and gums — the taste of the toothpaste, the sound of the electric brush in my mouth, the feeling of my teeth when I’m finished.

And I carry the mindfulness through flossing my teeth so there are three minutes of total, in-the-moment awareness. What a nice break for my brain!

Your Morning Beverage:
Drinking your morning coffee or tea can be another great mindfulness activity. If you are feeling the warmth of the mug in your hands, inhaling the aroma, and paying attention to how it tastes when you take your first sip, that is mindfulness in practice. You might want to drink the entire cup like that, savoring each swallow!

Walking to/from Your Car:
Walks to and from the car are another time that can be great for a mindfulness exercise. I’m usually too distracted for this one, but I know it works for other people. Give it a try!

Preparing Food:
Cooking is another opportunity to practice mindfulness. If I remember to pay attention to what I’m doing, I can really get in the groove when I’m stirring a pot or cutting produce.

Mindful eating is another helpful meditation. I love it when I remember to eat mindfully. The food tastes unbelievable and I find I eat much more slowly. When my friend Monica served the most incredible fresh berries, she agreed when I said, “It’s like a crazy party in your mouth.”

Paper Mindfulness Sticker

As a helpful reminder to yourself, you might consider getting a pack of brightly colored dot stickers to place on things in your environment to remind you to pay attention in that moment — and to breathe. I have a little green dot on the dashboard of my car.

It’s a terrific reminder for me to be right here, right now.

Mindfulness is possible in any daily activity. Where can you make space for it in your day?

Please share your thoughts. . .