“Julie’s way of teaching meditation is unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. She makes it possible for me to understand that meditation doesn’t have to be done in a strict way, it’s a way that we care about ourselves and whichever way we come to it, it’s always worth it. Her knowledge of so many masters and her way of synthesizing the lessons makes me feel like I’ve been in the stream in a deeper way. It’s an absolute gift to be on this journey with her as a guide from the side.” – C.P.
“Psychologically I feel better equipped to remind myself to pause and to breath and be more mindful during life’s day- to- day challenges.” – L.P.
“I was looking for something to help me lead a more fulfilling emotional existence with less stress. I feel I’ve become more aware of my feelings and reactivity and find myself being more mindful. I haven’t practiced 20 minute meditations, but find myself doing less structured mediations throughout the day.” – M.R.
“My morning meditation routine which ends with writing my Gratitudes (which has turned into journaling) – and the influence of MSC in a bunch of other ways – is remarkable. I’m a happy ‘mindful’ camper and learning more each day.” – J.S.
“Amazing hearings and breakthroughs are definitely happening. Incredible what happens when you ALLOW for more and more and better and better.” – P.C.
“I just returned from the grocery store, and I’m really enjoying doing the lovingkindness practice towards the strangers in the store, like in the video…it was cool!!! Thanks again Julie! This stuff is powerful!” – B.H.
Julie is a wonderful instructor who is bright, interesting, compassionate, and transparent about her own path, which normalizes the journey for all of us. This is a GREAT class for learning very practical ways to calm your nervous system, treat yourself and others with more love and respect, and overall just be a better person in daily life. It is a wonderful introduction to mindfulness, meditation, and the practice of compassionate lovingkindness. Regular practice can and will change your life in very positive ways. Julie’s teaching style is fun, lively, and never boring.” – B.K., RN, MFT
“Dealing with a painful foot injury, in addition to some head – and heart –ache, I looked forward to Monday night class as the place to be uplifted; I found myself experiencing more moments free of one or another “ache” and certainly sleeping better.

Finding the tools to comfort myself stops the “spinning” – calms me and leaves me feeling lighter; almost as if I’d taken a much needed “vacation” from worry; a very good thing for those of us who live too much in our heads!

Julie is a natural teacher; I’d never experienced a class where the “technologies” were imparted with such ease; no overload of information nor any need to scramble to “get it”, rather an easy output of concepts and exercises to be “tried on” for a size that feels right for YOU. Julie allowed us space for so many of those “ah-ha” moments with a pacing that was slow and steady. What a wonderful experience to take this class.

As the weeks proceeded; certain practices and phraseology just became part of my day whenever it was needed;; example; I found myself more often touching my heart and asking to be peaceful, safe, forgiving throughout the day; like giving yourself a gift every few hours!” – W.S.L.

“I feel that from session 1 till the last class I have seen much progress in my physical and psychological status. I know through out the class I slowly began to see some changes in myself. I am a slow learner but through out the 8 weeks Ive soaked up what I was hearing and learning and it really made an impact on my well being.

I took this meditation class at first just to see what meditation was really all about and how it really helped. I have a good friend who swears by meditation and I have seen first hand what affects it has had on her through the years. I was unsure at first if it could really do anything for me since I am not one to sit still for long and have trouble focusing. But I have to say learning how to take deep breaths and listen to different parts of my body as the teacher is talking us all through the meditation really impacted me! So this program has made me more aware of myself and my emotions. I am more intrigued to understand more about myself and begin to feel comfortable in my own skin. I know its still a work in progess but it has been a great start.

Totally will recommend this class!! From class session 1 I talk very highly of this class. I would tell them that if a person like me who has a hard to focusing in a classroom setting and hard time understanding things this class is so well put together and you would be amazed to see how much you take away from a course like this. You come out with a new sense of yourself and how you can have more connections with others and for yourself!!

I loved the here and now stone we were given. I am very big on stones and it is great receiving one. I hold it on and off when I need a moment of relief. Its amazing how powerful a little stone can have to make one get back to being grounded. I look forward to keep feeding my brain with more amazing practices and stick to meditating more and more.” – B.A.G.

“Thank you again for everything you did for our class. It was an amazing and life-changing experience, and I feel so blessed to have learned these tools from such a wonderful teacher. I’ve done a lot of “work” in my life (therapy, coaching, workshops, seminars, yoga, etc, etc,etc) and I can say that your class is truly one that will stay with me as I continue on my journey in life. It gave me tools and skills that I had never learned before and I will always have gratitude for mindfulness and self-compassion.” – C.T.
“Each session holds the possibility for some important revelation. Each class has certainly been that for me.” – W.L.
“I loved the way you treated all of us: Kind, open minded, and always supportive. I’ve had a shift in my outlook. I’m feeling calmer and less reactive. The program was perfect for me. It was more than I expected in terms of information and skill tutoring. I loved the style of instruction. You taught with compassion, humor, passion, and more humor! As the course progressed I practiced almost everyday. After completing the course, I can feel it in my body when I haven’t taken enough time to practice. I try to meditate for 15 minutes at least once a day. I have told my friends and others that the science and health benefits behind this practice are so intriguing.” – K.R.
And a testimonial after a one hour MSC Workshop:

“So much of the talk today was about the meditations and how great they were. You know that this is a very sophisticated staff with high expectations so their “hechksher” means a lot. Quite a few people shared that they would like to take the class with you, and I would be part of that group…It certainly started off the staff’s year on an amazing high. Personally, I came out of a very difficult day, having to deal with a very tough situation. It was hard to put the smile on my face and be up! After your session, I changed what I planned to do for the last hour – there was such a great energy in the room. I did a short brainstorming and 1 minute writing exercise about the word “teacher”. The results were beyond amazing. I am sure it was a carry over from your program.” – A.H.

“I am amazed at the safe, and non-pressured environment that Julie was able to create for us, (especially considering that some of us have worked together); an incredibly supportive, non-threatening environment for sharing – or not—as one wished. Great.” – W.S.L.
“Julie – you are a gem! Your transparent, open, and honest character enhance your lessons and make your teachings very accessible to your students. It is unusual but fabulous to be able to mix the mindfulness and meditations with a huge dose of reality, humor, and candor. We all have “monkeys on our back” and you created an environment that allowed us to share our issues without judgment. That’s a special and unique skill. I passed on quotes, concepts, and practices with my “monkeys” and encouraged them to find a great teacher and take this program!

I can feel the cortisol levels shrinking! I used to go for walks when I felt the explosions coming. Now I can do mindful walking, deep breathing, or pop in a guided meditation and lock myself in my office or room. Also appreciate opportunities for self compassion as I am very hard on myself.

Absolutely would recommend the program and you as the teacher. Would share that it opens one up in a way that you don’t know that you are capable of and help readjust your way of looking at yourself as well as others. New, happy and healthy alternatives for responding to life’s pressures and the pressures we put on ourselves.

Believe it was the 7th lesson when we did meditation where we came up with a place and then invited a guest and had dialogue with them and received gift. I could have stayed in that meditation for another ½ hour at least. I came out of it crying, it was so real. That experience is still with me – I don’t want to let it go. You gave us time to find the place and I was auditioning different ones, as you suggested. Then, the place became so obvious, and the guest became equally obvious. What a deep and emotional experience. Didn’t know I was capable to get down to that level. Thanks – it was a real gift.

Thank YOU, Julie, for making this available to me. As a result of this experience, I have grown as a person as well as a professional who has to relate to so many parents, teachers, and children. Really astonishing!

The retreat was an incredible and extraordinary culmination of the 8 week program. Your generosity of spirit, giving, and sharing was greatly appreciated and valued. I breathed deeper on Sunday than ever before and saw a whole new potential that I didn’t know I had. Wow. You are very special and I hold this experience as a real treasure.
Todah Rabah”
– A.H.G.

“It surpassed my expectations. I had been holding resentment and negativity toward someone …from 20 years ago – never thought I could feel compassion or forgive this person – but it happened – and the healing I felt within my heart was amazing! Thank you so much!” – P.C.