15 09, 2017

Get Grounded With a “Here-and-Now Stone”: Learn To Use a Small, Physical Object To Ground Yourself

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When life’s whirlwind starts up, it’s nice to have something to grab hold of that reminds you to stay in your body, stay present and feel your feet on the ground. For me, the simplicity of a stone works wonders towards this end. I call it my “here-and-now stone.” Find a stone [...]

1 09, 2017

6 Steps to Lay Off Your Inner Critic: S/he's Been Trying To Change You For Years, But You’re Ready To Take The Reins Now

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We’ve all got those voices in our heads that speak to us in not the nicest of tones. Those voices are our inner critics. They try to keep us safe, but not in the best of ways. These are usually the internalized voices of our primary caregivers from early childhood. NOTE: If your [...]

15 08, 2017

Tears of Frustration: Approaching The Fuel Dock Under Sail

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Today I asked where the fuel meter is on my 28’ Alerion. My husband told me to lift up one of the benches in the cockpit. I lifted the bench and peeked at the gage. The needle was pointing at the E, as in empty. I’ve never taken her to the fuel dock, [...]

1 08, 2017

Rewire Your Brain for Happiness: With Practice, We Can Change Our Brain’s Default Settings

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It’s wild to think about, but it’s true: We can change our brain. It is the fundamental notion of experience-dependent neuroplasticity. Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist and author of Buddha’s Brain and Hardwiring Happiness, says we can use the mind to change the brain to change the mind for the better. Our thoughts and [...]

15 07, 2017

Recovering from Betrayal: How To Heal After Your Partner Cheats

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How many couples will find out today that their partner is cheating on them? If you look at divorce statistics here in the United States, it adds up to plenty of heartbreak. According to the American Psychological Association, 90% of people marry for the first time by age fifty, and 40% to 50% [...]

1 07, 2017

Be Your Own BFF: To Be Your Own Best Friend, Start By Loving Yourself

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Before we dig into just how to be your own BFF, let’s address the WHY. Life is chaotic, and all of us know what it feels like to have the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. Without someone we can rely on no matter what when things really get tough, we may end up [...]

15 06, 2017

Recalibrating Your Inner Compass: 3 Tips to Get Back to Your “True North”

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There are so many things that can throw us off course in our lives, some of them obvious and some of them subtle yet persistent. Regardless which category of “storm clouds” have you veering out of alignment with your joy, clarity and overall well-being, here are some mindful methods you can use to [...]