As women, we are often expected to do ALL. THE. THINGS. And let’s be honest: our families, coworkers, and others learn to expect this from us because we are so darn good at making it look like we really can do it all! The reality is, though, that with so many balls in the air, something is going to drop.

When something does inevitably drop, what’s your reaction going to be? And perhaps even more importantly, how are you going to react on a daily basis to the juggling act you’ve got going on?

One saying I love to share with people as they consider their answer to this question is the old adage:

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

How you react to everything that is happening in your life will determine whether you ultimately sink or swim. So, what will you choose?

Here are some options:

Choose gratitude.

The gratitude thing is HUGE. Studies have shown that gratitude makes us happier. You get into a feedback loop where as you feel more gratitude, you’re happier, and as you become happier, you feel even more gratitude. And as you present yourself out in the world as a happy, grateful person, people begin to mirror your attitude and respond to you better.


Stop being mean to yourself.

As women, we are ridiculously guilty of this. We are so darn mean to ourselves when we look in the mirror! Whether it’s our aging process or our constant nitpicking of our bodies and our looks, stopping the negative self-talk and replacing it with Loving Kindness phrases can help to lift us up rather than beat us down day in and day out. Let’s stop making our own self-talk a reason to feel worse!


Gift yourself with Loving Kindness.

When that negative self-talk starts up, try replacing it by mindfully saying things to yourself like, “I am beautiful. I am smart. I have value. I am healthy. I am strong.”

We are superwomen just as we are, not because we can create an illusion of perfection for others. Be grateful for who you are, and be kind to your whole wondrous self.

Please share your thoughts. . .