I found myself saying to a friend, “I’m using my mindful methods like there’s no tomorrow — just to ensure that there is one!” This made me laugh, and I knew I wanted to share it with you.

All too easily, moments of anxiety, sadness, anger, or fear can overwhelm us and have us feeling like our world is crashing down around our ears. And this feeling isn’t just reserved for big, life-changing moments; it can also happen at any point during the day when our sense of balance or well-being just tips over the edge into chaos due to the little things life throws our way on top of what we’re already dealing with under the surface.

For example, I was taking a train from a new station I hadn’t been to before. When I drove up, I had no idea where the parking lot was. I drove right into the place where only buses are supposed to go and got some directions from some helpful folks there. Then as I drove around and around trying to find a parking spot, I paused and said out loud to myself in the car, “Don’t have anxiety, Julie. You’ve got plenty of time.”

That’s Mindful Methods for Life at work!

I noticed anxiety rising up inside me, observed it without judgement, and gave myself the gift of what I needed to hear at that moment to regain my balance.

It really can be that simple.

  • Experience an emotion.
  • Observe it without judgement.
  • And respond mindfully.

What a difference this can make! I invite you to try it out in your own life. Let me know how it goes.

Please share your thoughts. . .