One of the things I remind my students (and myself!) most is that mindfulness is a practice. Yes, it’s a “practice” in that it’s a method, but in this case I am literally referring to the fact that – in order for it to be an effective, long-term strategy for bettering your life – it needs to be practiced.

If the idea of a daily practice sounds daunting, allow me to invite you to stop that limiting train of thought right there. If you have 30 seconds a day, you can have a daily practice… and let’s get real: who doesn’t have 30 seconds to spare?

The next time you have 30 seconds, try these four steps:





Breathe in.


Breathe out.

That’s it! Just give yourself this mini mindfulness break whenever you have a moment, and you’ll start building up a daily practice in no time.

Want to take 30 seconds of peace right now?

Try the exercise above while watching one of the two 30-second videos I made just for this purpose. One is of a lovely water fountain, and one is of a waterfall.


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