Love rules! And, let’s be real: our closest relationships can sometimes drive us nuts. The closer someone is to us, the more they get to see all of our parts, and the more we get to see theirs. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool for helping us move through the challenging moments more easily so we can enjoy our partner and our relationship more.

Here are some tips for making the most of relationships with mindfulness.

Practice gratitude.

Turn your mindful attention towards all you are grateful for about your partner. What about them makes you smile most?


Share your gratitude.

Let your partner know that you see what’s amazing about them.


Use Loving Kindness.

Challenges and frustrations are a normal part of life with a partner, but they don’t have to be so overwhelming when they arise. Next time you’re faced with one of these moments, try the practice of Loving Kindness. Here are some examples of Loving Kindness mantras you can try — and feel free to create your own!

May you know you are loved.
May you be safe.
May you be healthy.
May you live with ease.

Now, try them with “I” or “we” instead of “you.”

May these mindfulness tools bring you more compassion, patience, acceptance, and opportunities for love and expansion in your relationships!

Please share your thoughts. . .