Have you ever called yourself “sweetheart?”

If not, I highly recommend it. It cracks me up every time, and cracking up makes me feel better. If sweetheart doesn’t do it for you, come up with something hilariously, comfortingly perfect from your own imagination.

Schnookie Bear? (*cringe*)

But seriously… if it brings a smile to your face and delivers sweetness with a touch of silly, you’re moving in the right direction.

In life, the more tools we have at our disposal when things get tough, the better equipped we are to stop the thought spiral of negativity when we most need to. If something as simple as the word “sweetheart” can accomplish this, that’s a big win.

So find your perfectly sweet and silly word and use it to comfort yourself. It might soften things for you at just the right moment.

On days when things are bumpy, I can put my arms around myself and say, “Oh, Julie, sweetheart, that was really tough.”

And you know what? It helps.

Please share your thoughts. . .