Mindfulness saved my life – no joke. It helped me survive a period of stress so severe that I was exhibiting signs I thought could be a brain tumor, such as misspeaking common words. I’d say “captino” instead of “cappuccino,” “maginal” instead of “magical,” “bunkey burvey” instead of “topsy turvy.”

I went to a neurologist fearing the worst.

After discovering I was brain-tumor free and learning that my symptoms were the result of stress, I took the doctor’s recommendation and began studying mindfulness. The practice then went on to be a key ingredient in my overcoming the deep depression I often struggled with.

When I say mindfulness saved my life, I am not exaggerating.

If you’re wondering how to get started with mindfulness in your own life – or you’re looking to expand your current practice – mindfulness meditation is a great tool for you to explore.

Let’s get clear on one thing first though: mindfulness and meditation are not the same thing. There are many different meditation practices out there, just as there are many different mindfulness tools. The two exist separately from each other, for sure, but boy are they effective when combined!

Mindfulness is the opposite of rumination.

It’s a tool for cutting through discursive thought loops and bringing you back to the present moment where you can choose to respond rather than react.

When it comes to meditation, as many already know, the practice has been studied at great length over the years and shown proven benefits. Research reveals that even meditating for five minutes lowers your blood pressure and calms your heart rate. It down regulates cortisol and adrenaline, which are so deleterious to all your body’s systems.

With consistent practice of mindfulness meditation, you’ll combine the benefits of each individual practice and start to become a less reactive, calmer, more focused person.

Mindfulness isn’t a quick fix.

It takes practice, but with time you truly can rewire your brain for more happiness and resilience.

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