Chaos is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to manage. When we’re overloaded, maxed out, stressed out, and overwhelmed, even the beautiful order and rhythm of life’s natural way of unfolding can feel chaotic. Life, death, and everything in between sometimes feels like “just too much to bear.”

That’s where mindfulness comes in. With a commitment to practice, mindfulness can become our “get out of jail free card,” the ticket that helps us catch a ride on the peace train and tap into the deep well of calm and clarity that is available to us all.

Here are four easy ways to use mindfulness to calm the chaos and tap into peace:

Remind yourself that you are not alone.

We all suffer. We all fail sometimes. Practice Mindful Self-Compassion and allow yourself to feel connected to all of humanity rather than feeling isolated and separate.


Stay in touch.

Reach out to friends and loved ones you care about and allow them to connect with you when they reach out. Practice Loving Kindness towards yourself and others.


Let it be.

Choose more situations and people that fill you with peace, calm, and clarity. And when you encounter people and situations that would normally rile you up, practice the art of letting them be. They are what they are without the addition of your anger and frustration, so give yourself permission to tap into peace and not add to the chaos.


Be kind to yourself.

Part of Mindful Self-Compassion is paying attention to your needs and respecting them. What gift can you give yourself today to help you feel better? Make a joy list, then pick something from it and do it!.

Find your calm through life’s storms with mindfulness.

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