When I started my journey with mindfulness, I desperately needed to find balance in my life for myself, not for anyone else. I’m not a professor or therapist. I’m just a normal woman who took in what was available, figured it out, and practiced like there was no tomorrow.

After a few years of daily practice, the difference in how I view my life is like night and day — and night and day is a good expression because there is so much more light in my life now.

Now, I teach what I know. I teach mindfulness because I know from my own years of personal experience just how much it can help. If you’ve been wondering about mindfulness or dabbling as you consider incorporating it more fully into your life, allow me to extend this invitation:

May mindfulness bring more peace, ease, and gentleness into your life.

Here’s an exercise to take with you today. Use it anytime you encounter challenging emotions:


RRecognize the difficult emotion by naming it.

AAllow it to be there.

IInvestigate gently what’s going on.

NNot Identify + Nurture = Don’t over-identify and ruminate on the story. Letting it go without judgment is mindfulness; then, nurture yourself by telling yourself what you need to hear right now, which adds self-compassion to the mindfulness piece.

**R.A.I.N. was created by Wendy McDonald and popularized by Tara Brach, me, and many others! (It should probably be changed to R.A.I.N.N.!)

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