I love what I do! Oh my goodness, I am meeting the most amazing human beings… people out there doing the good work of helping others to live better! This force of nature, Lynnis Woods-Mullins, interviewed me for her podcast “The Wellness Journey” and I knew, right then and there, that she was a keeper for me.

We got to see each other on Zoom, the video conference site, and chat before our audio interview began. It was just us gals, connecting and learning a bit about each other before her program began. She was in corporate America for 25 years in Human Resources, and at the age of 51 totally changed her life around. Now she’s got this machine, with a podcast, book, magazine, and courses that help women over 40 figure out how to live their best lives. I LOVE IT!

Our podcast interview was really fun.

A few months after the podcast interview, Lynnis reached out to me and asked me whether I would be interested in being featured in her e-magazine. I didn’t give it a moment’s hesitation.

Yes! Absolutely!

The magazine came out, and I was awed by its beautiful layout and content.

Julie Potiker - Featured Wellness Woman

But as I read the piece on me, I had a big wave of worry and shame. In her intro of me, she said that I left a thriving law practice in order to pursue my calling of teaching Mindfulness and Self Compassion practices. I thought, “Oh no! I never had a thriving law practice! People are going to think I am embellishing my past! I’m going to be called out as a fraud!”

I sent an email to Lynnis asking whether there was any way to delete that sentence, because it is a digital magazine. SHE WAS SUCH A MENSCH (REALLY GOOD PERSON IN YIDDISH)! She assured me that her tech person would do it, which required the whole magazine to be taken down off the internet. They would do it in the wee early morning hours, hoping that less people would be clicking the link to find it at that time.

We started out as strangers, and now seeing each other and knowing that our core values are aligned in wanting to help people, we are friends! How Lucky!

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