I used to dread having my annual mammogram. My mom would remind me to make the appointment, and shepherd me there, soothing my anxiety by her upbeat attitude to taking care of important business.

My mom’s been gone 5 years, and I haven’t been as regular in making this appointment. Since my best friend in the world is undergoing chemo now, for breast Cancer thankfully detected early by mammogram, I made the appointment and committed to getting it done. I decided to change the story I was telling myself in my head. I set the intention to experience the mammogram with no stress, with no vulnerability, with no fear.

What could I use to change the thoughts, feelings and emotions in my mind and body so I could float through the procedure like never before?

The Video Hug!

Friday, February 26, 2021 was my 60th birthday and I received a Video Hug movie made up of mini messages of love and birthday wishes from family and friends. My husband set it up in the simple program on the VidHug website so that no message should be longer than 45 seconds – you can pack in a ton of juicy goodness in 15 seconds, so 45 seconds is plenty of time! My entire movie is 30 minutes of pure joy, and watching it is like being filled with honey.

In the car on the way to the medical office building for the mammogram, I played the video hug. Although I couldn’t see my loved one’s faces, it was enough to hear their words and envision their faces while I kept my eyes on the road. It allowed me to feel buoyant, relaxed and cozy.

Once I was seated in the waiting room with my robe on, I popped in ear buds and watched the video hug – taking in the love from each person. I even figured out how to edit the video so I could add 2 videos that were texted after the deadline – I followed the directions and uploaded them – and was able to move the order of the videos around so they were in chronological order – a friend from high school higher up than friends from college, who were before friends from later in life. I’m not great with technology (a story I would like to change!) so I was proud of myself that I perfected my movie!

When my name was called, I floated into the room with equanimity. It wasn’t an act. I didn’t feel dread, or anxiety or disgust like I have for every single mammogram until now. I felt happy, safe and deeply cared about – I felt connected, safe and secure.

It’s not cheesy to want to give yourself this tool to lift your spirits. For 15 dollars (the cost of setting up the video hug on their website) you can have a movie that is a patchwork of love made from your connections throughout your life. The people in the movie won’t be here forever, but their message to you is captured for all time.

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