Do you take time to check in on loved ones as a regular part of your routine? If not, let this be your invitation to start! Not everyone is great at staying connected with others — even during times when they crave connection most. The pandemic has given us new inspiration and taught us new ways to stay connected – but giving yourself a little reminder never hurts. (Calendar alerts, anyone?)

So, take the time to check in with someone today. And guess what? YOU are someone, too! Self-check-ins are a beautiful thing!

Here are a few ways checking in might look for you:

  • A text: “How are you doing today?”
  • An offer: “What day can I drop off dinner for you?”
  • An activity: “Want to go for a walk tomorrow?”
  • Reconnecting: “This movie is streaming! Want to do a virtual movie night?”
  • Self-care: “I’m going to take a bath and journal before bed.”

How do you like to check in on your loved ones? How do you check in with yourself?

Whether you go big and plan an event or go small and just say “hi,” showing you care matters. People feel that caring, and it can really make a difference for them.

And when it comes to yourself, checking in on YOU matters!

Giving yourself permission to listen to your body, mind, and spirit and really get what it is that you feel you need is HUGE. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, hardly stopping to catch our breath — let alone ask ourselves, “What do I need right now to feel safe? Loved? Nurtured? Calm?”

The practice of mindfulness gives us an opportunity to pause and observe how we’re really feeling and being. From there, we can make positive choices to uplift ourselves and others. It really is a beautiful gift.

Check in and enjoy!

Please share your thoughts. . .