1 December, 2022

More Proof Mindfulness Works!

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Science now verifies meditation can be as effective as medication for treating anxiety; these mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques are a SNAP! Over 15 years ago, a doctor recommended I try a course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to manage extreme stress affecting my speech and causing me to garble words. I’m lucky my brain and [...]

1 November, 2022

Worried About COVID Coming to Dinner with Uncle Bert and Aunt Betty? How to SNAP out of It.

By |2022-11-01T08:54:32-07:00November 1st, 2022|Mindful Methods|

Are you “over” COVID, either literally (as in you got it and got well), or just done with social distancing, masks, and the pandemic in general? Then like me, you’re none too pleased to hear new variants are on the rise just as fewer people are taking precautions, such as getting updated boosters. All this [...]

1 October, 2022

Check Your Life Compass: Mindfulness helps us surf the waves of life instead of getting clobbered by them

By |2022-09-26T10:34:34-07:00October 1st, 2022|Mindful Methods|

I’ve been feeling like a whirling dervish lately (a sign it's time to check your life compass). My new book “SNAP! From Chaos to Calm” is now in the design phase, and I am getting ready to make an audio recording of my book “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for [...]

1 August, 2022

Fat Lip Integrity: What sunburn (or too many plums) taught me about staying in alignment with my principles

By |2022-07-27T12:43:21-07:00August 1st, 2022|Mindful Methods|

Last Monday, I woke up with a fat lip — my upper lip the size of a hot dog. I assumed I got sunburned on my lip in the pool Saturday (yes, I had on sunscreen and a hat). For the past four months, I have been teaching Mindfulness and Self-Compassion as a specialty [...]

1 June, 2022

June is PTSD Awareness Month: Mindfulness can help people cope with lingering effects of trauma

By |2022-06-01T07:36:57-07:00June 1st, 2022|Mindful Methods|

“What are you doing for Mother’s Day?” my dear friend asked me during a long phone call last month. “Sticking my head in the oven,” I replied. “You?” She laughed out loud, the real kind of laughing, and told me she loves me. Our convo was wide ranging, as is usual when we do a [...]

8 April, 2022

More Customs of Comfort and Healing

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Interpreting self-care rituals from around the world through the lens of mindful self-compassion can help you calm stress and renew your spirit. Spring has sprung, and with the longer days, warmth, buds, and flowers comes…. stress! We feel it when we think of our fellow humans suffering in Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. We tense [...]