6 November, 2019

Easing Heartbreak: Mindful Methods for Finding Calm Amidst Emotional Chaos

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My heart is breaking. My Dad’s health is declining. He’s so easy to love. He’s such a wonderful human - so loving, smart, balanced and supportive. I’m going to miss him terribly. But right now, he’s still here, and so am I. Trying to stay right here, right now is part of my [...]

1 November, 2019

Use Mindfulness to Benefit Your Business

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Stress costs American businesses an estimated $300 billion dollars annually. We are stressed more than ever, but we don’t need to sit and stew in it. Mindfulness is an incredibly effective tool for combating stress, and there’s no barrier to entry. Anyone can start using it today to stress less. If you’re looking [...]

15 October, 2019

Why Try Mindfulness Meditation?

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Mindfulness saved my life – no joke. It helped me survive a period of stress so severe that I was exhibiting signs I thought could be a brain tumor, such as misspeaking common words. I’d say “captino” instead of “cappuccino,” “maginal” instead of “magical,” “bunkey burvey” instead of “topsy turvy.” I went to [...]

1 October, 2019

Mindfulness in the Age of the 24-Hour News Cycle

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If you regularly feel overwhelmed, saddened, or just plain mad at the constant barrage of negative news, you are not alone. And I’m here to tell you, you don’t just have to sit there and take the bombardment. Instead, give yourself permission to step away and use mindfulness to shift into a more [...]

15 September, 2019

Practice Mindfulness with Animals

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Have you ever seen that meme where the dog and man are sitting side by side on a bench? The man is thinking of so many different things at once in his thought bubble, and the dog is just thinking of being there with the man. Doesn’t that just say it all? Animals naturally live in the moment, fully present to what is; and as such, they are wonderful at helping us do the same.

1 September, 2019

The Path is the Practice

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Yesterday I made a stupid mistake driving, which angered another motorist. He rolled down his window and shouted at me. He was waiting up ahead for me, and when I stopped at the light next to him, I lowered my window to apologize. He started screaming, “There was a turn lane. You could have hit me! Why did you do that?” I said, “Listen, you need to take a breath. I said I’m sorry. My nav system told me to turn and I got flustered and made a mistake. I’m glad you were paying attention and that I didn’t hit you. I was wrong, and you are right. I am wrong and you are right. Again, I’m sorry.” He said, “Ok, ok, ok, ok,” each “ok” deflating his rage. Then he said, “Thank you.” After I drove away, I noticed how rattled I was, and I started crying.

15 August, 2019

Practice the Pause

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Your kids are arguing. Your boss calls you into an unexpected meeting after your report didn’t go well. You’re expected to attend the extended family dinner for your sister’s milestone birthday, but you know exactly what kind of drama tends to ensue. Whatever your next “oh, sh*t” moment might be, there’s a tool for that: mindfulness.

1 August, 2019

Using Mindfulness to Overcome Shame and Guilt

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Mindfulness teaches us how to feel emotions in our bodies. Feelings like shame, guilt, and anger can all be felt somewhere in the body; emotion is not just an intellectual thing. And when you can notice and become aware of the emotions in your body, you can treat yourself with kindness. Mindful Self-Compassion [...]